Tess Lackey is a Wyoming-based designer and illustrator. She is a senior at the University of Wyoming with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design and print production industries. She has strong problem solving skills with the ability to write HTML and CSS code.
Work Experience:

Digital Media Specialist                                                                                                                                    March. 2019 – Present
Fort Atelier, Remote Work, Casper, WY
 - Working within deadlines of 6 hours or less.
 - Creating branded flyers for web and social media use.
 - Editing and updating web and email content based on upcoming events and activities.

Graphic Design Team Lead                                                                                                                                   Nov. 2017 – Present
Residence Life and Dining Services, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
 - Working within deadlines of 3 hours to 3 weeks.
 - Creating branded design for brochures, banners, posters, and social media.
 - Editing copy and formatting text.

Freelance Design                                                                                                                                                  March 2016 – Present
Remote Work, United States
 - Design graphics for print and web.
 - Work with clients via phone, email, or in person.
 - Quote projects and source additional materials, such as fonts and graphics needed.

Production Work                                                                                                                                            June 2018 – March 2019
American Paintbrush, Laramie, WY
 - Designed graphics to be cut in vinyl.
 - Applied and removed vinyl in-house or on-site.
 - Corresponded with clients via email, in person, or over the phone.

Published Articles:
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