Animated infographic for Wyoming's Big Game Hunting
This infographic serves as an intriguing way to disseminate information to the viewer. The elements such as the hat, tent, landscape, and deer were created in Illustrator and brought into After Effects. Text and particle systems were added in After Effects and exported as a movie file to Photoshop were the final GIF was created. 

Data came from the 2015 reports by Wyoming Fish and Game Department.

Better Perc the Coffee Strong
This animation was created for social media, specifically Instagram. It features a percolator and coffee cup created in Illustrator, a coffee-colored particle system, and a free sound bite of coffee pouring.

Fastest Beer Around
An web-sized animation to announce a new beer on tap for a fictional company. This could easily be inserted as a hero video on a website or landing page.

Arizona Bound
The animation started as a hand drawn series of steps showing how a sticker might lay across a flat surface. Those steps were then recreated in Illustrator and colored before being animated into a GIF using Photoshop.

Cel Animated illustration of a suitcase turned into a GIF using Photoshop.

The Interviewer
A 3D animation created in Cinema 4D poking fun at my two previous failed attempts to create a 'decent-looking' 3D bird.
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