Tess Lackey worked and lived in many rural areas across Wyoming and Montana before returning to college to obtain a degree in graphic design. Her work in the agriculture industry established her love for dramatic, true to life color that is as rich and deep as the natural world and our experiences in it.
As a primarily self taught artist, Tess uses multiple 2D mediums to depict how our experiences are tied to tangible objects. In 2018, her 5 color reduction print, Late Summer Thistle, which documented her experience of working on wide open plains in Montana received three awards in the 44th Annual Juried University of Wyoming Student Exhibition.
More recently, her documentary videography project, Well Worn Gear, explored the connection of experiences to gear that women used in their day to day life while exploring the outdoors. The shift from looking at her own personal experiences to the experience of others is a direct result of her career in marketing. As she continues to analyze the connection of emotion to tangible objects, she hopes to inspire others to never stop experiencing life and to appreciate all they have accomplished whether big or small.
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